Home staging

Home staging is a real estate marketing technique that consists of straightening, clearing, cleaning, repairing, organizing and harmonizing spaces. This service, oriented to owners, developers and real estate consultants, is intended to highlight the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of a property for rent or sale. Its main target is turning it into a neutral and welcoming place that seems comfortable for most visitors. The technique is appropriate for all kinds of properties (residential or business buildings, houses or apartments, brand-new or second-hand, for sale or rent), offering comfortable and pleasant indoor spaces that will allow them to stand out in the competitive market.

AFINCARTE provides the possibility of accelerating the commercialization process of properties thanks to its home staging service. The object of this marketing technique is to depersonalize the atmosphere of the property in order to please the most people possible, creating appealing and versatile spaces adapted to the demand of the real estate market.

Home Staging Techniques


After a thorough analysis of each room, we search for the perfect balance to optimize your business or residential property and strive to arrange it so as to facilitate its commercialization and to tailor the details according to our clients’ preferences. Cleaning, organization and lightning, as well as decorative accessories and furniture layout, are some of the aspects we take care of in order to make a good impression on clients and to achieve a better functionality of spaces.

It is a technique that consists of making the most of the equipments and furnishings in the property, relocating and mixing them with accessories and new articles or natural fabrics with the aim of creating a contemporary look that meets the demands of potential buyers or tenants. With a minimal intervention, we will manage to get the most of the premises that used to look old-fashioned and unpleasant, and turn them into a lively and welcoming space.

Value Enhancement

We analyze the improvement possibilities of your property and we handle the project and the construction works so as to increase the listing or leasing price. We also pay special attention to the detail in order to take advantage of the potential in each case, making the difference and helping clients find what they are looking for.

To this end, we develop a personalized proposal adapted to the needs and budgets of each client, taking into account different aspects such as lightning, coating imperfections, space layout and flow improvement, enhancement of usefulness in empty or unproductive areas, or resolution of problems related to dumps or smells. We manage the whole process, which includes project development, negotiation with suppliers and construction works, and we prepare the property for the real estate market, creating a modern setting that meets today’s real estate demands.