Property Selection

Afincarte is a real estate consultancy firm that specializes in the management of carefully selected properties, offering market-leading options in terms of technical and aesthetic attributes. Our team is distinguished by its empathy and listening skills, keys to the success of the operations our clients need, which include from searching the ideal property to managing and selling their assets.

Our processes make a difference due to the transparency, discretion, commitment and extreme thoroughness of our team, providing customized results for each situation.


Selling and Renting Property

We offer high-quality properties that we select on the basis of strict and objective technical criteria. To that end, we have a professional team that carefully selects the buildings we offer to our clients, considering the aesthetics and the comfort and technical conditions, in order to avoid potential unpleasant surprises afterwards. We list your property and manage the whole process, from the previous appraisal according to its location and characteristics to the renting and selling.

We advertise your property on the country’s leading portals, as well as on our website. We also make photographic essays with the purpose of providing the client as much information as possible through pictures, which reflect the qualities of the property you intend to sell or rent.

Home staging

AFINCARTE optimizes your premises to obtain better results in the real estate market. We spare no efforts to promptly rent or sell the properties whose technical or aesthetical characteristics may make them less attractive for potential clients. We have a whole team of professionals at your service, willing to advise you about space reorganization, furniture arrangement and even decorating details, with the aim of making the most of your property and enliven its impression and presentation. In case the space needs some remodeling so as to update its look or rectify technical issues, our experienced team will evaluate the improvements that should be performed in the property in order to make it more appealing to a higher number of clients.

This service is intended to be used by owners, developers and real estate consultants who entrust professional experts with the task of helping them optimize and increase the value of their properties.

Searching Properties

We look for the best and most unique properties for our clients through each and every available channel, by consulting the total market offer. Regardless of its nature, either a piece of land, a house, business premises or a building, we will help you find the property that suits your needs the most, whether you wish to use it as your primary residence, place of work or simply as a good investment.

Our services are supported by a vast experience in real estate market and by the constant training of our team. We search the perfect property for you, streamlining the process with a previous selection of those which best suit yours needs and requirements, dealing with each case in a personalized way, and creating a working method that stands out due to its individualism, transparency and continuous follow-up.

Comprehensive Management

We offer technical and commercial assessment along the whole buying or leasing process, including commercial, financial, technical and legal management. To this end, we rely on a professional team that offers personalized assessment in connection with critical aspects leading to the success of the operation: financing, execution of agreements, change of ownership, submission of documents to the relevant institutions, file of taxes, appraisals, technical reviews, etc. Moreover, we offer guidance to our clients in case of incident after the real estate operation.

AFINCARTE has its own legal department which is at your service to provide answers to all of your questions concerning the operation you intent to conduct.

Real Estate Legal Advice

In AFINCARTE we have a team staffed by lawyers specialized in real estate, civil and commercial law, providing our clients with their professional expertise in all aspects related to the property market. Our expert advice is addressed not only to individuals, but also to companies and real estate firms that need legal support.

We deal with every aspect of real estate operations, which include the following: taxing, drafting of contracts and figures as call option, usufruct, sale and purchase transactions; inheritances and donations; eviction proceedings, especially in connection with historical leases; and complementary settlements.



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